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Blue Goose Farm

Blue Goose Farm


Blue Goose Farm is a small scale regenerative farm started by Keenan McVey and Matty Matheson in Niagara, Ontario. We grow a wide range of mixed vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers which we sell directly to restaurants and at our market pop ups. Our overall approach to growing is to intervene as little as possible in order to maximise our soils potential and to let our farms ecosystem take care of itself. We have found that using more traditional farming techniques and operating on a human scale has had massive benefits to our soil and thus allowing our produce to perform to its highest potential. Flavour, texture, beauty & nutrition are our top priority. As first generation farmers, we are learning everyday. Farming is a journey with new turns constantly unfolding in front of us. Our aim is to share our journey with others who aspire to be more connected with nature and their food.



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